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  • What should I do during the acupuncture session?
    Acupuncture offers a serene and relaxing experience. You will recline on a comfortable treatment couch, surrounded by soothing aromatherapy and tranquil music, fostering a peaceful environment. This session is your dedicated "me" time—a perfect opportunity to unwind and reconnect with yourself. Many clients find themselves drifting into a restful state, embracing the calmness the treatment brings.
  • What about the needles?
    Acupuncture involves more than just needles. As an AAC practitioner I will offer lifestyle advice, including diet and exercise, and may use various techniques to support your health goals. The needles, as fine as human hair and sterile, are single-use. Insertion might cause a brief, mild sensation, but most people find treatments deeply relaxing, often falling asleep during the session.
  • Is acupuncture covered by health insurance?
    With the growing popularity of complementary medicine and its recognised benefits, an increasing number of health insurance providers are including acupuncture in their coverage plans. If you have private health insurance, it is possible that acupuncture treatments are already covered. It is important to verify the specifics of your coverage with your insurance provider.
  • Is acupuncture safe?
    As a professional acupuncturist accredited by the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians (AAC), I adhere to rigorous standards of practice and hygiene to ensure safety. My training includes a degree in acupuncture, achieved after at least three years and 3,600 hours of comprehensive study, including detailed anatomy, physiology, and safety protocols. Additionally, I've completed over 400 hours of clinical training. Ongoing risk assessments and continuous professional development (CPD) are integral to my practice, upholding the highest standards of care.
  • What should I wear?
    I recommned you wear loose and comfortable clothing that can easily be rolled up over knees and elbows for your convenience. However, I understand that this might not always be possible, so it is not a strict requirement.
  • How should I prepare for my acupuncture session?
    To ensure you are ready for your acupuncture treatment, it is important to not come on an empty stomach. We recommend having a light meal a few hours before your session and making sure you are well-hydrated. This preparation will help make your acupuncture experience as comfortable and effective as possible.
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